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Since 2020, Hype Radio streams the latest music hits from a variety of artists all day long. We play music in different languages like papiamentu, english, dutch and spanish. Our playlists consists of a mix of the hottest  genres: hip hop, R&B, latino, ritmo kombina, afro and dancehall.

Our mission is to keep entertaining the audience of the Netherlands and the Caribbean with the best variety of music. Our music selection will make you feel good every hour of the day!


This online radio station is created and hosted by Gianno Cardose.

Blue Smoke


Search through our music library and request a song. 

Blue Smoke


Hype Radio offers a variety of programs all day long.

Blue Smoke

TOP 10

Listen to our monthly Top 10 hits Saturday at 6 PM

Blue Smoke


Check out the hottest
new song of the week.

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